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Anne Quintos
Anne is the founder of A daughter of a former OFW father herself, she understands the sacrifices that many Filipino families go through to secure a better future. Now an I.T. professional based in Taiwan, she is a new mom welcoming the challenges of parenthood while abroad. Anne is the author of Abroad Me: 22 Success Strategies for Young Overseas Filipinos. The book is available in leading Philippine bookstores nationwide.

Raymond Calbay
Raymond didn't know how to eat food with chopsticks when he first came to Taiwan in 2010 to join his wife Anne. A professional writer and communication specialist, he helps with's content strategy and oversees research projects. He hopes that overseas Filipinos wherever they may be get the most from "living" and not just from "working" abroad.

Merlisa Biscocho
Based in Taiwan, Merlisa considers IKEA visits heaven and enjoys locally-brewed coffee (but speaks toddler-level Mandarin). She looks forward to reunions with friends, family, and most especially... her oven.

Burn Gutierrez
Burn is an auditor by profession and a personal finance advocate. He blogs at BurnGutierrez.Com and manages OFW UsapangPiso, a forum and non-profit organization aimed at educating OFWs on financial matters. Burn is also a singer and songwriter of the indie band Vinyard, performing in benefit concerts and private functions.

Shirley Ramirez
Shirley is a pastor's wife: human, sinner saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, spiritual mother, loving daughter, teacher, and yes, privileged to have the most high God as her Father. She muses: "Who am I, really?" The better question is, "Whose am I?" I am HIS. Guess that's all that matters now."

Earvin Charles B. Cabalquinto
Eavin is a PhD candidate and scholar at Monash University. His research focuses on the mobile media engagement of OFWs in Melbourne in connecting to their left-behind families in the Philippines. If he’s not writing or reading a book, you can spot him teaching Zumba, singing in a bar or simply wandering around Melbourne’s sleek streets and artsy alleys. Visit his personal blog and his PhD blog.

Luz Abad
Luz migrated to Canada seven years ago. She enjoys frolicking in the snow with her husband and kids, although she misses her extended family back in the Philippines. She works as a banking and finance professional. To read more about her OFW stories, visit her blog.

Jonathan Ong
Jonathan is the Head of Business Development at, a job listing website for OFWs. On his free time, he likes to read the news especially those that concerns OFWs. He publishes articles that guide OFWs in their work abroad - from finding a job and adapting to diverse cultures, to stories about the ups and downs that OFWs go through.