Top Investments and Business Opportunities that Are Ideal for OFWs


It’s every OFW’s dream to finally come home to the Philippines to be with their loved ones. It’s also their dream to put up their own business so that they don’t need to go away again just to earn a living. Below are some business and investment ideas that can generate extra income for you and your family. Consider investing your money in some of these and watch as your money grows.

Set Up an Online / E-Commerce Store

Online stores are on the rise because of the ease of running one and the really good income that you can earn. Setting up a Facebook or Instagram account is free. You can also sell your products on websites such as Shopify, OLX, or Zalora. If you want your own e-commerce site, you just need to pay a yearly fee, plus the cost of advertising your e-commerce site on search engines and social media.

Online stores are a good way of earning just by interacting with your customers online, as well as selling goods and services that people love. You can set up an online shop in minutes and start uploading photos of the products that you’re selling. You can sell food, gadgets, shoes, clothing, accessories, household items, and basically anything that people are interested in buying. The trick is to advertise your store extensively so that the number of your followers will grow. The more followers you have, the more people will be able to see and buy your products.

Get a Food Cart Franchise

A food cart franchise is easy and affordable. You don’t have to build a business from scratch because the business is already existing. You also receive plenty of training when it comes to operation, finance, and human resource. You can earn a pretty good income from even just one food cart, provided that it’s in a really good location with a lot of people traffic. The food should also taste delicious and can be bought at an affordable price. In order to be successful with this kind of business, you need to undergo regular training sessions and seminars. Given its relatively low package cost, for just ₱30,000 to ₱50,000, simply consider a cash loan application and you’re already on your way to becoming a food cart franchise!

Let Your Talent Shine with Arts and Crafts

If you have the talent for arts and crafts, share it with the world and start earning from it. Earn money from your paintings, drawings, photos, or letterings. You can sell them as finished products, or you can hold classes and teach people so they can get better at their craft. If you like making beautiful things from scratch, like candles, soaps, jewelry, home d├ęcor, or furnishings, you can sell your lovely creations online, or you can also consign them to a physical store.

Go Into Tourism and Travel Services

A travel agency or a ticketing service is not an uncommon choice for OFWs when it comes to business and investments. OFWs are very familiar when it comes to travels and tours, as well as booking fares, hotel accommodations, and holiday packages. Why not make a business of it and help other people with their travel needs?

Various Service-Oriented Opportunities

Health and wellness spas, beauty salons, and barber shops are still one of the best options when it comes to investing your hard earned money. Other options include tutorial services, training centers, money changers, money remittance centers, office services, bills payment centers, and printing services.

Remember that any business will be successful if you will educate yourself with running it properly. You can always consider a low interest BPI personal loan to help you get started and use a little bit of your savings to help out with the expenses. When it comes to business and investments, remember to go slowly but surely. Everything else will follow.