7 Things To Gain From OFW Life Other Than Money


To bring home money -- that's the most revered role of OFWs for their families and the country. Money for survival. Money for sustenance. Money for progress.

That's why, when OFWs go abroad, they devote their energy to only one goal: Earn money. But, be honest, we know how tiring it can be if we just work for money.

To avoid missing out on something so valuable like your time and youth while you're working abroad, here are some things we suggest that you get out of OFW living:

#1 An Open Mind

Abroad, you are the outsider. There will be a lot of things you'll never appreciate or understand if you are close-minded and intolerant of diversity.

#2 Courage

Living abroad takes you out of your comfort zones. You will need to face the battles on your own. Game face on!

#3 Discipline

Living on your own means you have to depend on yourself. Whether it's handling your expenses, controlling your emotions, or waking yourself up in the morning to go to work, discipline is key to make your goals a reality.

#4 Appreciation

Once you've been detached from the people in your life, well, that's when you realize their worth. Don't stop at that, though. Try your best to reconnect with them.

#5 Drive

Overseas living shouldn't stop you from dreaming and achieving. Be hungry for knowledge, new skills, and great ideas to take home.

#6 Maturity

Your tears from homesickness, culture shock, and adjustment can make you stronger -- if you choose to move forward.

#7 Deeper understanding of the world

Overseas life can bring you an essential lesson that, despite the obvious differences, you're more of the same with others as well.

Like any other challenge in life, OFW life should grow you to become better.

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