5 Things That May Surprise You From Working And Living Abroad


Just like falling in love, living abroad isn't as easy as it looks. Here are some of the many things that you need to prepare yourself for.

#1 How your paycheck shrinks with local rates

Your overseas salary sounds astronomically unreal after converting it to peso. You'll realize that it doesn't work that way. Soon, you'll find out that the cost of living abroad can easily drive your expenses up and your savings down, unless you be money smart.

#2 How much you've been pampered


You think life back home is complicated? Give that a second thought. Overseas, you can say goodbye to that tender loving care from your family. Making breakfast, doing your laundry, paying the bills...well, you need to do it all by yourself.

#3 How Philippine politics is too absurd

source: interaksyon.com
You already know how dysfunctional our government is before you left. POEA requirements, anyone? When you take yourself out of the fish bowl, it's a farce that's too painful to compare. You may even have a hard time explaining the dramedy to your coworkers and friends.

#4 How kickass you are

Overseas living is a very challenging test of character. If you push yourself to deal with changes responsibly, you'll be surprised at how much strength you have in you. Yes, you can give yourself a slow clap!

#5 How strong your desire is to come home

After a few months abroad, you'll miss a lot of things that are very Filipino. Food, local TV, your old tambayan, conversations with fellow Filipinos, and so much more.

Believe us when we say that this desire can grow and fire up at some point in your overseas journey. It's a good thing. Just be sure that you are prepared for it when you've decided to come home.

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