In Father's Words: Spiritual Reflection for OFWs

While away from home, many overseas Filipinos turn to the Catholic Church not only for their spiritual needs but also to seek support, friendship, and knowledge sharing. Many also use online religious channels for when they can't physically attend the Sunday mass. But for everyday reflection, a book such as Father Allan Fenix's "A Few Minutes with Father: Meditation on Our Daily Life as Catholic Christians" is a handy treasure-trove of Catholic-inspired insights.

For many years, Father Allan served the OFW community when he was based in Taiwan's Taoyuan county as a parish priest. He witnessed the many tribulations and challenges faced by Filipinos who depart from their families to try their luck abroad. "There were a number of homilies I delivered in Taoyuan in that book," Father Allan noted. For a sampler of his work, the homily "Migrants" is a concise account of what overseas Filipino workers constantly struggle with: displacement, money issues, and work contracts.

Nominated to the 2013 Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards, Father Allan's book is published by St. Paul's Publishing. You can order a copy online. Proceeds of the book are donated to the Clergy Health Fund.


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