Cheaper calls to the Philippines with Vokka


You're already on Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts, so what's the need for another app to call home? Perhaps you own a local business and you need to regularly check with your staff. Or maybe your mom is not sold on changing to an Android phone yet. Vokka is for you if reaching them via cell phones or landlines are your best options.

Vokka is a mobile app that lets you call contacts in the Philippines at a lower rate than most call plans. Depending on your need and budget, you can select from different packages (ranging from prepaid credits, monthly subscriptions, and unlimited calls). Moreover, calls between Vokka contacts are free. For a small monthly premium, Vokka could get you a local Philippine number that your family and friends can reach you with, without being charged hefty bills for overseas calls.

Here's our full review review of the Vokka app.


  • Call quality is reliable. You may be in an area with choppy mobile reception, but you're set as long as you have strong data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The call plans are competitively priced. For USD $5, you can have an unlimited talk time for a whole week to two Philippine numbers. If ever Philippine-based contacts need to call you, they save on bills too since you can opt for a local number (separate plan required).
  • It's quite convenient to reload call credits since payment can be done with a credit card or PayPal via the Vokka website. If you live far from cities with a big Filipino community, it's hard to look for vendors selling call cards at discounted rates so this app is a definitely great option.


  • Currently, Vokka plans only apply to PLDT, Smart, and Sun subscribers. Quite a pain if your contacts are with other telecom companies.
  • The local phone number deal is good - but nowhere in the app is it mentioned during initial log in. You need to go to the Vokka website to see the different call plans.
  • Plainer user interface language, please. For example, when you open the app, you see the message "Loading provisioning." This kind of tech-speak might unnerve some users.

In the future, it would be nice if website features can be integrated with the app itself. That way, users won't need to open a separate browser. It would also be great if the service coverage is expanded to include most telecoms in the Philippines.

Overall, Vokka is worth downloading. The app has a simple yet functional layout. The "Contacts" tab automatically import and list your existing contacts so it's easier to find someone to call. Rates could also go as low as $.04 USD per minute (if you avail of the $25 USD monthly subscription). A caveat: since Vokka is an app that relies on your mobile connection, take note if you're on limited data plan or else connect to a Wi-Fi network. You might save on call credits, but you don't want your monthly mobile bill to balloon.

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  1. the only minus is that android 4.0.4 cant be used with the app that is really not fun