Taste of Home: Pinoy Street Foods

Wherever Filipinos find themselves to be, there's one thing that they'll surely crave. Sometimes, the thought alone is worth coming back home for. Of course, it's Filipino food! Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based Maurine Kristine Calaycay, with her winning photo entry, shares with us what makes her say a mouth-watering "Hay Pinas!":

"These are a few of the street foods that I miss in the Philippines: fish balls and kikiam (paired with sweet sauce), kwek-kwek (flour-covered hard-boiled egg dipped in vinegar), thirst-quenching samalamig, siomai (dumplings), "dirty" ice cream, turon and banana cue on stick, calamares, and taho (soft tofu with syrup and tapioca).

"Street foods in the Philippines are one of a kind. It's affordable and of course delicious! It's common for people to buy these snacks in the afternoon, usually after work, after a busy day at school, or anytime whenever they feel hungry. These snacks are usually conveniently bought at the side of the street.

"Other countries may also have it's wide array of street foods or snacks, but sure thing - iba pa din sa Pinas."

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