OFW Talks: How to React to Negative Comments

Recently, we Filipinos find ourselves in the middle of another viral hoopla. This time, a video by Cebu-based foreigner Jimmy Sieczka turns the spotlight on 20 things to dislike in the Philippines. His tirade includes "uncomfortable" comfort rooms and gun-toting security guards, among others.

Filipinos were abuzz online. Some were mad at the messenger: "A disgrace! Get out of this country!" Some cheered the video's candidness: "It's about time! Just what I had in mind!"

As overseas Filipinos, we also get to taste similar kinds of criticism at different levels. Here are three steps to help you respond:

#1 Think before you respond.

#2 Acknowledge the sentiment of the person ranting. Keep your cool.

#3 Give the context, not excuses, why some of these things are happening back home. Sometimes it's more difficult to judge if you know where people are coming from.

Bonus tip: You can make our country proud by becoming the change you want to see. (Read related article)
* Video stillshot from Jimmy Sieczka's video, 20 Reasons I Dislike the Philippines


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