Hay Pinas: The Story Behind The Name

My conversations with fellow overseas Filipinos usually end up  with with a longing sigh for the country."Hay Pinas!"

Chances are, if you're an overseas Filipino deeply wanting to go back home, at some point, you've found yourself uttering a similar, if not the same, phrase.

And weirdly enough, this is also what I often hear Filipinos say back home out of frustrations and even desperation. When tax cuts were so unreasonably high, my friends would say: "Hay Pinas!" A few months later, my disheartened friends have flown to another country to try their luck. Even while waiting in the Immigration lines in NAIA, Filipinos who have been used to less bureaucracy in their first-world host countries, you'll hear a few rants like "Hay Pinas talaga!"

It's a love-hate relationship we all have with our country. However, at the end of it all, the desire to be home trumps all the things we'd like to escape from.

Call to Action

Hay Pinas! is a call to action for Filipinos everywhere. From an extreme of two raw emotions (longing and frustration), we encourage overseas Filipinos to conquer new heights for the Philippines. Our society's archenemy is not anger or too much idealism. It's apathy.

For many people, including government leaders, going abroad for the proverbial greener pasture has been a panacea for the many problems in the Philippines. But as our credo goes:

We have left but we're not running away. This channel is a way for us to give back and return to our roots. Let us all:

  • Hold on and survive the challenges of life abroad
  • Resist and change what's wrong with the OFW sentiments
  • Wake up to a better future when Filipinos have more fighting chances of succeeding at home
We believe that patriotism is borderless. The privilege of living in a modern world, where technology easily connects us together, gives us endless opportunities to learn and reach out. Now, brilliant minds who left our country can continue to contribute their ideas, share the knowledge they've earned through their overseas experiences, and at some point reverse the Filipino diaspora. Will you join us? For more articles and tips, like us on Facebook and join us on Twitter!


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